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The "Investor/Landlord" community represents a unique market with special needs. Unlike larger property management companies, the "Investor/Landlord" typically does not have the time or resources to take advantage of state-of-the-art communications and business networking techniques.

As entrepreneurs wearing many hats, their time is highly fragmented, as they are personally responsible for getting everything done, often on their own. As a result, many important issues do not always receive the attention they deserve on a timely basis. The Rent Fast Community is built for Landlords by Landlords, specifically to address these needs, understanding what landlords go through on a daily basis and recognizing the incredible power that comes from members sharing information, resources and experience.

We interviewed landlords and real estate investors from all over the country to get ideas, understand their needs and gather feedback as we created and built the Rent Fast Community. We will continue to seek advice and industry expertise to shape our future products and services.

Rent Fast Landlord Portal

Through the easy-to-use Rent Fast Landlord Portal, we provide automated tools to assist Investor/Landlords in:

  • Exchanging Ideas, experience and information with other landlords and investors
  • Reducing eviction risk, vacancies and cost to rent
  • Finding trusted vendors and suppliers
  • Identifying potential tenants and renting properties faster
  • Streamlining processes for renting properties and communicating with tenants
  • Communicating with other members of their value chain
  • Establishing their own basic website and rental property listing tool

Unlike property management software, RFC is a community that allows landlords and investors to share experience and information in an interactive social-network-like product, which allows them to save time and money and help them rent properties faster. For example, one segment provides an open forum for landlords to comment on or rate their experience with a specific vendor (professional contractor or tradesperson). This allows another landlord to select a vendor for a similar task with a greater level of confidence in the vendor's ability.

With nearly 90% of the tenant community utilizing the Internet to find a rental property, many landlords without an Internet presence are at a distinct disadvantage. Current market research and landlord surveys indicate that less than 20% of landlords actually have websites to market their properties. The Rent Fast Community offers landlords the ability to easily establish their own company website to market their properties, gain greater rental market exposure and achieve access to more prospective tenants.

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Thank you for visiting our site. We invite you to share any concerns, questions or ideas. The Rent Fast Community is built for Landlords by Landlords, and we want to know what we can do to make our site, services and products better.

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Rest assured, your data is safe, secure, backed-up and accessible 24/7. All Rent Fast applications are hosted in an SAS 70 Type 2 certified data center, complete with redundant power and Internet access with the highest security standards.

This security and information technology standard is the same as those used for in Healthcare: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA); Financial Services: Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX); Payment Card Industry compliance; and Banking: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).