Products & Services

The products and services of Rent Fast are designed to be easy to understand and simple to use, allowing you to focus on your business and not technology. In about 15 minutes, you can have your own website and get connected to other landlords and investors in your community. If technology is not your thing, we have several optional services to get your company's website up and going right away.

Rent Fast Dashboard

The Landlord Dashboard

An easy-to-use, non-technical collection of information from your website, Rent Fast blogs, featured articles, property status and activity are on one page.

From the Rent Fast Dashboard, a landlord can manage website content, update property information, access and exchange valuable information with other landlords and investors, search for and review vendors and tradespeople providing services for other landlords in the community.

Market your properties and reduce vacancy

"No Vacancy." It's what every landlord dreams of, and Rent Fast tools and shared industry knowledge can help you get there. As a member of the Rent Fast Community, you'll increase the number of prospective tenant leads through greater exposure via the Internet, prospective tenant lead sharing between landlords, and leads generated from the Rent Fast site that are shared with you at no charge.

Research shows that nearly 85% of today’s renters use the Internet to look for their next rental property. This isn’t a fad – prospective renters are using laptops, Wi-Fi and smartphones to search for properties.

Your Own Website

Your Own Website

Answer a few easy questions, enter your contact information and you'll have your own website set up in about 15 minutes. An easy-to-use property detail sheet walks you through a property questionnaire - you'll have your vacant properties on the Internet in no time. Your website includes contact information, listing of vacant properties, online tenant application, maintenance request information and more.

Rent Fast Property Flyer

Property Flyer

Prospective tenants can easily search available properties on your website and view a detailed flyer, which also can be printed from your website.

Craigslist Ad Generator

Enhance your Craigslist ads with our Ad Generator, which cuts the time for placing your property on Craigslist in half.

Your property flyer on Craigslist gets better results than a simple ad and reduces unnecessary calls and questions about the property.

Rent Fast Maintenance Screen

Maintenance Requests

Turnover is expensive. Don't make maintenance an excuse for tenants to complain - make it an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths. Many renters today have 24/7 access to computers and smartphones, so filing out a maintenance request can be hassle-free using the Rent Fast site. Rent Fast keeps track of all of your maintenance requests to make sure you have not missed any request. Landlords have the ability to turn this feature off if they would rather field a maintenance request by telephone call only.

No monthly or setup fees

  • Collect Rent faster
  • Collect Application Fees
  • Flexible option for tenants
  • Eliminate handling checks
  • Reduce trips to the bank

PayPal Reference Screen

Rent Fast ePayment Gateway

Tired of chasing down delinquent tenants, making trips to the bank or having a prospective tenant not show up to give you a deposit to hold a property?

Rent Fast has an easy-to-use electronic payment processing solution that helps RE Investors and Landlords receive their money faster. Whether its rent payments, down payments, security deposits or application fees, ePayment is designed to easily accept payments through your own Rent Fast website.

Rent Fast ePayment allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments with no monthly fees. Payments are deposited into your PayPal Business Account and can be easily transferred to your bank account.

No monthly or setup fees

Acceptance Mark

Sharing Knowledge in Your Community Saves You Time and Money

When landlords and investors share ideas and experiences, it leads to big savings. Rent Fast offers multiple sources of information in one easy-to-understand dashboard for the investor or landlord.

Rent Fast also provides the ability to network with other investors and landlords on your own terms and schedule -- in your own community or across the United States.

Gain access to years of real estate experience in one place making it easy to get valuable information any time of the day or night. The more experiences shared between fellow investors and landlords, the better everyone's business becomes.

Landlord Buzz Blog

Contributing Writers and Subject Matter Experts

Get up-to-date with relevant articles written by industry professionals. Gain insight into new ideas, industry topics and trends in the landlord or real estate investment market.

Rent Fast Blogs

The Landlord Buzz and other Rent Fast blogs are designed to share ideas, experiences and knowledge between Community members. Read or share .Your Biggest Mistake. with other members, and post information about the industry or experience you have regarding a particular subject. Sharing information not only helps landlords learn faster, but it also helps reduce costly mistakes that other landlords already have painfully experienced.

Find Vendors and Tradespeople in your Community

Rent Fast Vendors

Need Someone for a Job?
No Problem!

Rent Fast has partnered with Community Buying Group to provide a platform that allows landlords to search and sort vendors by industry, as well as a "Rate and Review Vendors" feature, allowing landlords to share trusted vendors with other landlords in their community.

  • Find trusted vendors
  • Reward valuable vendors
  • Hold vendors accountable
  • Save time and money

Want your company listed on the Rent Fast Vendors list? Click Here!

Optional Services

Website Set-up & Maintenance

The Rent Fast Property Tools are easy to use, but we know you sometimes just don't have the time to do what needs to be done -- even though you know it's important. The following reasonably priced options are available to help you get your new website set up fast or to assist you in adding your vacant properties to your website.

Single Family House = 1 Door; Duplex = 2 Doors; Four-Plex = 4 Doors, etc.

  • Rent Fast Landlord Starter (One Time)
    Initial website set-up and up to 5 doors entered ($99)
  • Rent Fast Annual Maintenance Subscription ($999 annually)
    Initial website set-up, two content changes per month and up to 25 doors
  • Rent Fast Annual Maintenance Subscription ($1,499 annually)
    Initial page set-up, two content changes per month and up to 50 doors
  • Rent Fast Annual Maintenance Subscription ($2,499 annually)
    Initial page set-up, two content changes per month and up to 100 doors

Contact us for more information or to order these options

Technical Services

Domain Name and Masking

All Rent Fast subscriptions come with your own website as part of the Rent Fast Community domain. For example, if your company is ABC Rentals, when you join, your website will look like —

If you already have a domain name reserved or have an existing website address you want to use, you can easily forward that domain to your Rent Fast site (URL). Multiple Domains can also be forwarded to your Rent Fast site. If you don’t have your own domain, you can easily search all available website names at the

Need Help? Contact us and we will help you get your Rent Fast site set up.